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ACCC endorses new media for product recalls


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has designed a new system for alerting consumers to product recalls, with the aim of increasing awareness and recall response rates.  Suppliers are expected to develop recall communication plans based on demographics and customer communication preferences, including social media, websites and blogs.   Suppliers will also be prompted to tag products with tracking labels so they can be traced through the supply chain into the hands of consumers, as well as using online warranty cards and registration systems and making greater use of loyalty card data to identify consumers who bought products to be recalled.

To publicise the new system, the ACCC has established:

  • a new  Twitter account: @productsafetyAU.
  • a recall’widget which will soon be trialled on several websites shortly, and
  • an email campaign to hundreds of industry associations and stakeholders
  • a new Product Safety Recalls Australia website,,

Consumers and businesses can sign up for electronic recall alerts about products of interest to them, such as children’s products.

Read the full text of the ACCC review of the Australia product safety recalls system.

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