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An simple way to follow up your email.


Here is simple system for tracking and following up requests for information or action.   Its very easy.  I save emails containing a request in a folder called @follow-up.    I check my @follow-up folder regularly and take action accordingly.  To automate things, I have created an Outlook rule.  When I send email with the text “/fu” in the body of the email, then Outlook should file it in my @follow-up folder.    Follow these steps to create this rule.

1.    From the Tools menu, select Rules and Alerts…

2.    Click the New Rule Button

3.    On the next screen, select Start from a blank rule, click check message after sending, then click Next

4.    On the next screen, check with specific words in the subject or body. Then, in the lower pane, click specific words.  On the specific words screen, enter /fu, click Add, and click OK.  Then, click Next.

5.    Lastly, check the box that says move a copy to the specified folder.  Then, in the lower pane, click the word specified to select the @Follow-up folder.

6.    Click Finish.

Now any message with the text “/fu” in it will be copied to the @Follow-up folder for later action.  So people cant see “/fu” in the e-mail, I change the colour of the text to match the background.

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  1. Cam Rogers permalink
    02/06/2010 9:49 am

    A Handy tip – thanks

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